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What is crossfit?

CrossFit is a group of people who empower each other to live a healthy lifestyle with a strong body and a stronger mind.

CrossFit can’t be pigeon-holed into one simple definition. Developed by Coach Greg Glassman over several decades, this fitness regimen is designed to be:

  • Functional – Movements in CrossFit are designed to mimic natural body patterns and everyday activities, meaning your ability to live a healthy, independent life is increased.
  • Constantly varied – CrossFit workouts involve constantly varied movements performed at relatively high intensity force your body to adapt in different ways.
  • Measurable – By increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains, improvements are visible and able to be measured.
CrossFit is more than a way to move your body, though. It is the spirit of the community that forms when people with a common goal gather in one place. It’s the shared sense of accomplishment when people achieve their goals. It’s the incredible feeling of seeing people strive to reach new heights every day. This community is part of why CrossFit is so effective – you don’t just go for a workout.

Programs at Contessa

Crossfit Classes

CrossFit is a group of people who empower each other to live a healthy lifestyle with a strong body and a stronger mind.

Whether you want to push yourself to get to elite levels or simply want to be able to pick your kids up or carry bags of groceries easily, CrossFit can help you get there.

1–1 training

CrossFit Contessa offers 1-on-1, private sessions, with individuals to support their life, athletic, and long-term goals. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, want to fine-tune your technique, or keen to get started without a big group, our coaches work with you to design a program that fits your needs.

Specialty programs

Our specialty programs run in 6-week blocks or one off workshops. We regularly run classes in the following:

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Nutrition
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • & more!

Get in touch to find out when our next course starts.

Kids and teens

The CrossFit Contessa Kids and Teens program is a core strength and conditioning program for children 4-16 years old.

We aim to teach safe, functional movement through a range of different activities including games, obstacle courses and gymnastics, to name a few. This type of training helps to develop a broad range of fitness components such as endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination – disguised as fun!

All classes at CrossFit Contessa are coached by a member of our highly qualified coaching team. If you have any questions about which type of class is right for you, or what sort of movements you may encounter in a typical session, get in touch with us!

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