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How to NOT f*&# up in 2019

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Ok, ya ready?

  • Stop blaming other people or external factors for your misfortunes. I mean, you totally can if you want. But if you keep making excuses as to why you’re shit at life you’ll never get better.
  • Stop ‘unfollowing’ people that make you feel bad about yourself. If someone else “makes” you feel bad, you probably need to address the reason why you pull up feeling that way. You’re probably not doing great in an area they excel. That’s cool, it’s never too late to draw inspiration from others! (Let’s be honest, you’re still sneaky stalking them on the daily after you unfollowed them anyway). You can’t ‘unfollow’ a fit chick in the street without looking like a suss-cat so instead of being a hater with your unnecessary stank face, appreciate them for who they are, give ’em a fucking clap then dig deep and address why it makes you feel shit, realise that comparing yourself to them is DUMB AS FUCK then USE IT as fuel to be better.

If someone else “makes” you feel bad, you probably need to address the reason why you pull up feeling that way.

  • Stop hating. It doesn’t affect them, only you. Mostly coz you don’t tell them. It’s just eating you up every time you bitch to someone about it. (Also your friends are sick of your negativity so STFU ’bout it!)
  • FFS – Focus on what makes YOU happy. Honestly, if you were to cark it tomorrow will you be super stoked that you didn’t go after what you want coz you were too afraid of being judged? Don’t be saa silly – You’re better than that! Chase goals man. Even if you fail, at least you tried. And if you want it bad enough, you should probably try a few more times.
  • Get fucking HEALTHY. Find some friends to do it with or… Get new friends. Do something that you enjoy. It shouldn’t be a chore. Employ a professional Trainer, Dietitian/Nutritionist if you’re struggling.
  • Try new shit. Constantly push boundaries & be uncomfortable. It’s a big, beautiful world out there, go explore!
  • Be fucking grateful. Everytime you kiss your loved ones, have a shower, open your computer, get in your car, go to sleep.. Be fucking grateful you have the opportunity to have these things in your life. 

That’ll do.

– Mandi x

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