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The ONLY Women’s CrossFit on the Sunshine Coast.

Why Join Crossfit Contessa?


Our programming is scalable for all ages and abilities, and coached by highly-qualified, experienced professionals


Specialty courses and ongoing education in weightlifting, gymnastics, strength, nutrition, athlete development, mindset and more!

Group & 1–1 coaching

All classes at CrossFit Contessa are coached by a member of our highly qualified coaching team.

Pat on the back


Training at CrossFit Contessa is about more than physical fitness, we believe in and encourage members to take a rounded approach to training – sleep, nutrition and mindset are key to achieve your goals.


The Contessa Community is second-to-none, both in person and in our dedicated facebook group. Come and meet your new best friends!


On-site Hairdresser, Coffee Shop and Massage Therapist.

The coaches are all amazing and encouraging, I have full confidence in them all. I cannot believe the things I am doing now that I couldn't even dream of doing a year ago and that is all because they believe in, and encourage, me. The other women of all ages I train with are so positive, supportive and just fun to work out with. There is always a great attitude and vibe at the gym. We all encourage each other, egos are left at the door.
Fiona, 58
Member since 2020

Getting Started

Free No Sweat Intro

Book in a chat and see how CrossFit Contessa can help you with your goals

1–1 with a coach

Every member starts with a one on one session with a member of our coaching team, whether you have been doing CrossFit for years, or it's been years since you've stepped foot in a gym.


Join our amazing, online community via our members only Facebook group, and start attending classes.,

Community love

I finally found a place that I felt comfortable to be vulnerable in. Contessa changed my life from the day I walked in the door, from the epic workouts, to the friendships I made, to the coaches that still to this day have my back to the unbelievable community within Contessa.
Jess, 31
Member since 2018
 I love showing up each day and grinding it out together! The coaches have taught me so much about mindset, showing up on days you don’t feel like it and small amounts each day really does pay off!
Ash C, 30
Member since 2020
​​​​​​​Contessa has been a welcomed addition to my exercise routine, as I know I’m much stronger than what I was 3 years ago. ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​ My bones have improved, perhaps not eyesight (ha ha), and energy levels are so much better, plus I’ve made wonderful friendships with those who are Contessa!
Rosie, Timeless
Member since 2019

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